New Work: “100 PEOPLE I KNOW”

This is my latest piece of art.  It is an assemblage made of wood, approx. 38X38 inches.  It is made up of 100 three inch portraits.  All of the portraits are actual people that I know.  In my composition are friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues, and students, past influences, some very unlucky people and a few famous ones.

Because of all of the different painting styles and approaches I have used, I like to think of “100 People I Know” as a music festival where all genres of music can be heard.  When looking at my assemblage you should be able to hear classical music, jazz, blues, rock, tribal, fusion, easy listening and some experimental rhythms.

“100 People I Know” is being exhibited at The Society for Contemporary Craft, 2100 Smallman St., Pittsburgh, Pa.  It is the winner of the Gallery Chiz solo exhibition award at the 101st Associated Artists of Pittsburgh Annual Exhibition.  It will be on display until January 13th, 2012.

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One Response to New Work: “100 PEOPLE I KNOW”

  1. Amirh says:

    Last night I went to a performance of “The Exonerated” at Culture Project on Bleecker Street in the Village (NYC). The exhibit of your work in the lobby really reached into me very deeply, especially the pieces with the narrative as background. I had the lump-in-the-throat experience, even before seeing the performance.As humans living in a world where it is easy to fall into cynicism and unfeeling-ness, I am always grateful for every opportunity to feel. Thank you, Mr. Bolick, for your work.

    Amirh Bahati (ex-Pittsburgher!)

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